panOULU Conqueror tournament from 2009-09-07 to 2009-10-04

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panOULU Conqueror, a computer game developed by the MediaTeam Oulu research group in University of Oulu, Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, conquers the access points of panOULU network during a four-week-long tournament. The tournamet begins on Monday, September 7 2009 at 00.00 and ends on Sunday, October 4th at 23.59.59. The tournament is open to all interested parties and the team that gains the most points during the tournament will be rewarded.panOULU Conqueror is a new kind of a location-based multiplayer game. The players have a simple goal: they form teams of at most six players and connect to the panOULU network with a WLAN capable device. The players attack and conquer access points from their rivals to gain points - whoever controls the access point at midnight, gets all the points for that day. The more users the access point has, the more point it gives to its controller. The situation can change rapidly: if team members forget to visit their access points daily, their point total will diminish.
The game will be opened on Tuesday, September 1st for testing purposes, so that everyone has a chance to try the game before the tournament. All points gained before 2009-09-07 will however be nullified before the tournament. The tournament will not affect the panOULU network in any way.
Get ready to conquer the world!
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Mor information:
Juha Tiensyrjä


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