panOULU wireless network expands to Oulunseutu region

Thu, 06/18/2009 - 08:10 -- admin

Expanding of the panOULU network to cover Oulunseutu region is progressing as planned. Now, panOULU network expands to Liminka. The expanding process has required years of experience of wireless technologies used in panOULU. The new solutions are tested in Liminka during June and July. The first access points are up and running and rest of the installations will be ready in the end of June. The panOULU network is available to citizens during the test in areas covered with network. There might be some interrupts during the test period. After the test period the installation work is continued in other towns. The expanding is completed in the end of October.
The panOULU network offers an open internet access to citizens free of charge. The use of panOULU does not require used IDs or registration. At the moment, panOULU network includes 1100 wlan access points used by around 16000 different users per month.
The expanding of panOULU network is a collaboration project (panOULUseutu) with the cities and towns around Oulu. The purpose of the project is to add over 200 new access points and expand the panOULU area to cover also other cities. The project is sub part of the TAITO program funded by European Union (EAKR).
More information about the installations can be found


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