panOULU R&D Pilots

panOULU buses


Timespan: 12/2006-3/2007 Description: During the pilot panOULU network is available in the buses of Koskilinjat line 19 (Linnanmaa - airport) and V Alamäki line 50 (Oulu - Haukipudas - Ii). The WLAN access point placed in the buses is connected to the panOULU network using the Digita's new @450 Wireless Broadband network. panOULU buses

Mobile IP


Timespan: 9/2006- Description: 25 City of Oulu's mobile workers have at their disposal a laptop, which using the Mobile IPv4 technology automatically and transparently chooses the best data connection of those available. If no fixed connection is available and the worker is in the panOULU coverage area, the connection is made via the panOULU network, otherwise GPRS/3G network is used. MobileIP

UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access)


Timespan: 6-9/2006 (closed) Description: This pilot evaluated in true environment of use UMA technology, which allows accessing operator's GSM/GPRS services also using the unlicensed spectrum. The UMA compatible Nokia 6136 phone allowed seamless mobility between GSM and panOULU networks. if the user was in the panOULU coverage area, the network connection was made via it, otherwise the phone used GSM network. The pilot had 50 participants. More information:

UMA Standard