panOULU R&D Resources

Centralized monitoring system

The monitoring system is an in-house software, which collects a wide range of statistics from individual access points, the whole network and the devices using the network. You find examples at the WLAN Usage statistics page.

Advanced IP network analysis system

The analysis system comprises of probes collecting packet data and the software used for analysing the packet data. There are three different types of probe: the core probe collecting the headers of all packets routed via the main switch of the panOULU network, a remote probe collecting the headers of packets routed via a selected interface and a WLAN probe collecting WLAN packets at a desired location. The packet data is analyzed with the Tia tool provided by Clarified Networks Ltd., which is an advanced version of the award winning HowNetWorks tool. Tia allows, among other things, visualization of the sequences and causal relationships of multiple packet flows collected from multiple sources.