Frequently asked questions

Q: What do I need to use panOULU?
A: You need a (portable) computer with a wireless network interface card. A WLAN capable smartphone or tablet will also work.

Q: Do you need username and password to use panOULU?
A: User authentication was removed on June 20th, 2005, so you don't need any username or password to use the network.

Q: What settings do I need for the network card?
A: You need to enable DHCP (get IP address automatically) and set network name (SSID) to "panoulu" (without quotes).

Q: What traffic is restricted in panOULU?
A: IPv4 NAT may cause packet loss especially for incoming data. Port 25 (SMTP) is blocked as of 2007-01-15. Use port 587 (submission) instead, if you wish to use an outside server for authenticated SMTP connections. IPv6 works fully.

Q: Can I send e-mail from panOULU network?
A: Yes. You must set your outgoing server to

Q: Is network traffic secure in panOULU?
A: Radio traffic is not encrypted. Secure connection methods such as SSH are highly recommended for use in panOULU.

Q: Is it safe to pay my bills using my bank's online service in panOULU?
A: Paying your bills using your bank's online service is as safe as in wired networks as long as the connection is secured with SSL. On most common browsers there is a small lock icon on the bottom of the window when the connection is secure.

Q: Can I get a virus from panOULU?
A: Yes, just like in an ordinary wired network. You must keep your system and virus scanner up to date.

Q: Does panOULU work in place X?
A: At first you should check panOULU access point map for coverage on that particular place. Then we suggest you try to get the network working in that place and comment on it in the wiki. We do not know all the places panOULU works at.

Q: Is it possible to get an access point on place X?
A: The main idea in installing access points is that coverage area in public places where people have a possibility to use panOULU is extended. This is not however free, so it is not possible to install access points in all suitable places.

Q: I am able to use panOULU at my apartment. Why should I not disconnect my old internet connection?
A: PanOULU does not compete with commercial services. It does not offer extensive user support nor same reliability than commercial operators.

Q: I can not connect to panOULU. What should I do?
A: First check the settings of your network interface card. Check also that you are near an access point. If the problem persists, send us feedback. Add the location and time at which you tried to use panOULU to help us find the error.