Access Point List

Currently, there will be 17 access points covering the city center of Oulu, most of them installed already. 15 of the access points are installed inside OukaWLAN MESH access points, physically in traffic or street lightning poles and in rooftops and walls in buildings. Two access points are installed within a UBI-hotspot in downtown. Outside city center, one access point is installed with the University of Oulu.

  1. toripolliisi-1
  2. rotuaari_square-1
  3. Mesh-5
  4. Mesh-11
  5. Mesh-20
  6. Mesh-21
  7. Mesh-25
  8. Mesh-26
  9. Mesh-29
  10. Mesh-32
  11. Mesh-36
  12. Mesh-41
  13. Mesh-42
  14. Mesh-47
  15. Mesh-51
  16. Mesh-52
  17. Mesh-55