Access Points

panOULU WSN access points route the data collected by the sensors forward to a central server. Following components are currently used in the access points.

  • Strix Access/One Network Outdoor Wireless System 2400-20
  • We use OWS as multi-radio multi-frequency (sub-GHz and 5Ghz) wireless communication chassis. Currently we provide IEEE 802.11a/g and IEEE 802.15.4 networks.
    • Sensinode NanoRouter Ethernet 2.0 Reference Platform
    • The routers connect the wireless sensor nodes to IPv4/IPv6 Ethernet networks.

Sensor Nodes

Nodes utilize 868Mhz frequency band radios and Sensinode NanoStack version 2.0 communication stack over 6LoWPAN for data dissemination.


A central server stores the data received from sensor nodes and refines it further for the clients and applications. However, currently we are moving towards more distributed solutions.